What We Do

Energy Solutions’ development strategy is opportunistic focusing on existing industrial sites in the Appalachian basin.

Energy Solutions believes that site selection is essential to project success and incorporates a detailed due diligence process focusing on the “constructability” of the sites, access to fuel supply and transmission, off-take contracting scenarios and power market / dispatch dynamics.

Energy Solutions, once engaged in a project, uses a multi-tiered development phasing approach, ensuring that development capital is spent efficiently while mitigating project risk at each stage of development.  Our team’s solution to project development is to bring expert analysis and management to all aspects of project risk (power and gas markets, environmental, construction, finance).  In addition to our internal capabilities, we believe in involving tier one partners in a project at a very early stage (Owner’s Engineers, Risk Mitigation, Environmental Consultants, Investment Banking, General and Contract Counsel) to ensure that all interests are aligned throughout the development timeline. Furthermore, we strongly believe local involvement is an essential component to a project’s success and spend significant time understanding the local political environment and forming key local relationships (typically hiring local legal counsel and public relations firms).

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